Eliminate Waste by Recycling uncommon things.

Eliminate Waste by Recycling uncommon things.

By Guard Dog Storage 19 July, 2019

Recycling is great for the environment, here are some additional items you might not think to recycle that you can. Recycling is great for the environment, here are some additional items you might not think to recycle that you can. You might know the basics such as paper, plastic, metals, and glass. However, there are many uncommon things to recycle that you may not think about. Here is a list of those recyclable items.


1. CDs, DVDs, and Gaming Discs

If you have a stack full of CD’s DVDs or Gaming Discs you no longer plan on using or cant resell. You might be surprised to know that most of the plastic from CDs, DVDs are reusable in the automotive and building materials industries. Gaming discs can also be recycled, and their components are normally used in the electronics industry.

2. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Some of the most perplexing things you can recycle are fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent tube lighting is generally regarded as waste, and there’s no way to save it for another use. However, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are different. Many hardware stores have drop-off points that allow you to recycle CFLs, even though they contain mercury.

3. Dental Toiletries

Most people use a toothbrush at least two times a day, yet few know that toothbrushes, dental floss containers and toothpaste tubes fall under the category of what can be recycled. Electronic toothbrushes are also reusable, but they contain batteries that have hazardous materials. Because of the lithium in these batteries, you have to dispose of them at specific drop-off locations.

4. Eyeglasses

Despite their small size, there are several components that are easily re-purposed. Usually, people don’t think of recycling their eyeglasses because they have a specific prescription, but the lenses are easily ground to fit another person’s prescription. Plastic and metal frames as well as nose protectors are also used in repurposed pairs of glasses for underprivileged individuals. If you want to upgrade to a new style or pair, many optometrists offer eyeglasses recycling or can point you to an establishment or charity that takes used pairs.

5. Foam Packaging

If you’ve shipped fragile options or moved items from your home to a self storage unit, foam packaging is an absolute necessity. It protects breakable items from destruction in transit and during the loading and unloading process. However, few people ever think they’re recyclable because it’s a relatively new technology. Packing peanuts, foam bricks, and other foam components are usually accepted at pack and ship places like UPS and FedEx locations. So, the next time you’re done moving things from storage units, remember not to throw the foam in the trash.

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