Self Storage Tips for Storage in Marysville, CA

Self Storage Tips for Storage in Marysville, CA

By Guard Dog Storage 19 July, 2019

Here at Guard Dog Self Storage in Marysville, CA we want our storage tenants to have the best experience possible. Here are some basic self storage tips (when boxing your items) that will help ensure your self storage experience at Guard Dog (or anywhere else) is a good one. When boxing your items, try to follow the following three tips:


Make sure you close your boxes and storage containers. 

Sometimes when we pack our items into storage we are in a hurry. This sometimes leads to items that can be stored in a box being left out in the open, or boxes and storage containers being placed into storage without lids. This can cause your items to collect unnecessary dust and exposure from the elements. When placing your items into storage, always make sure your items are boxed, or placed in storage containers (with lids).


Use Labels on your boxes and Storage Containers. 

There is nothing worse than placing an item into storage and forgetting which box or storage container you placed your items into. By using labels, you can insure you are able to easily narrow down where you might have stored the items you are looking for. For example, use labels like “Office Supplies” or “Christmas Tree Decorations”.  Also, if there are items you feel you will need to access on a frequent basis, make sure you store these items near the front of your storage unit.


Pack Your Fragile Items With Care. 

When storing away glass or anything that is considered fragile. Make sure you properly wrap and pack these items tightly into strong or reinforced boxes. Any gaps between items should be filled with storage paper or foam peanuts. Last but not least, make sure you label these boxes or containers as Fragile, while also placing these boxes or containers in areas where the boxes and containers will not be crushed or fall.



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